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Exploring / Basic Digital Photography

Who is this class for?

Anyone with a camera, who wants to learn more about their equipment and what it can do.  The class covers how a camera operates, and the fundamentals of photography.   Here's what you will learn:

  • What do all those knobs and buttons do, and what the heck is an F-stop? Choosing the right focus modes for still or moving subjects

    • Control depth of field (and get that nice background blur)

    • Control motion blur and camera shake

    • Choosing the best ISO

    • Why and how to read your histogram

  • Should you shoot RAW or JPEG and why?

  • 10 quick tips to improve your photography

  • The secret to getting tack sharp photos

  • Tripod, Flashes, and Lenses...Oh my!

  • Photographing Flowers and landscapes

  • Photographing Kids

  • Photographing Sports ( ain't cheap)

  • Making people look their best

What should you bring?

  • Your camera (bet you didn't see that one coming!)

  • Flashes and tripods are welcomed and encouraged

  • Questions

  • A sense of humor, because we are gonna have some fun

  • Your camera manual.  Although cameras all function on the same basic principles, menus, and button locations are different from model to model.  

Pre-Class Assignment...At a minimum please practice setting your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO before class.

What's included?

Workbook with the class materials


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