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Event Photography

At Gobi Photography and Video, we offer premier event photography services that are not just about capturing images but about the essence of your corporate or social events. Our expertise in the field allows us to not only photograph the moments but to tell the story of your event through vibrant, expressive imagery that engages and resonates.

  • 2 hr

    Starting at $500

  • 2 hr

    Starting at $800

  • 2 hr

    Starting at $250 hr

About our Atlanta Event Photography

We believe every event has unique stories and pivotal moments. Our team of professional photographers is skilled at identifying and capturing the dynamics and emotions of your event. Whether it’s the excitement of a product launch, the detailed ambiance of a corporate gala, or the joyous celebrations at a company milestone, we ensure that every snapshot reflects the spirit of your occasion.


We offer comprehensive event photography that includes:

  • Pre-event Consultation: We collaborate with you to understand your event’s objectives and your brand’s voice, ensuring our photos meet and exceed your expectations.

  • On-site Excellence: Our photographers are discreet yet proactive, capturing both planned and spontaneous moments. We are equipped to handle various scales of events from intimate business dinners to large-scale conventions.

  • Post-event Deliverables: You will receive a curated selection of edited images that can be used for a wide range of purposes including marketing, press releases, social media, and internal communications. Our quick turnaround ensures you can leverage the event’s success right away.

Our Promise

With Gobi Photography and Video, you’re not just hiring a photographer; you’re partnering with visual storytellers, committed to enhancing your brand’s visibility and appeal. Let us make your next event in Atlanta not only memorable but also a powerful touchpoint in your marketing and communication strategy.

Capture the moments, celebrate the milestones, and elevate your brand with Gobi Photography and Video. Explore how our lens can bring your event’s story to life

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