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Business Headshots | Atlanta | Peachtree City

See your photos as we take them on a large HD display.  Review them and select your favorites before you leave.  *Receive your fully edited images in one business day (in most cases) in our Peachtree City photography studio (South Metro Atlanta).

Gobi Photography - Basic Headshot


Our most affordable package

30-minute session

White & gray background

3 retouched images



Gobi Photography - Deluxe Headshot


Includes an outfit change

60-minute session

2 outfits

White & gray background

5 retouched images



Gobi Photography - Premium Headshot


Includes 3 outfits and a full-body photo

90-minute session

3 outfits

White, gray, and/or branded background

Full-body and 3/4 shots

5 retouched images



All Packages Include Full Size, Web Size, and Social Media Format Images

Your headshot is your digital first impression.  You only get one. We don't use a cookie-cutter headshot technique for everyone instead we know how to create an image that conveys the statement you want to make.  Whether In-studio, outdoors, team photos, or on-site., we strive to be the best Headshot Photographers in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, and all of Atlanta.  Want to learn more about headshot types, and which is best for you?  Give us a call 678.667.4624 (GOBI) to schedule your appointment with one of our photographers today.  On-site headshots are available for groups of five or more and within 25 miles of Peachtree City, GA.

In today's age of Instagram, LinkedIn, and overall online presence, having a stand-out headshot is more important than it has ever been before.  Potential clients will compare your image against your competitors and often make a judgment on your abilities based solely on your headshot.  Don't let a smartphone selfie be the reason you lose business. We are headshot photographers serving Peachtree City, Tyrone, Fayette County, and all of South Atlanta.

Peachree City Headshot Photographer


Headshots for Business Professionals (how does it work?)

 You arrive. We have a makeup table for you to touch up your hair or make-up.  We also have a changing area, where you can get dressed and hang up a change of outfit. We will pose you and give you direction, and make any changes to the lighting to make you look like your best self.  Exactly how we pose and light you will depend on your career (for example a judge, author, or motivational speaker all require a different look and lighting).


We start shooting. You can see your headshots on our large-screen  TV as soon as we take them.  This helps you see the difference little tweaks to your posing can make.  We value your input and work with you to get you the best professional business headshots possible.


Normally, we shoot both gray and white backgrounds, and there is a good reason behind this.  Gray looks clean, modern and professional.  This look is very versatile and works well as a LinkedIn profile, magazine articles, or photos for a program or conference.  White provides a little more high-energy and vibrant look.  White looks great on magazines, or websites with a white background, as it can blend seamlessly into the background. 


Right after your shoot, we sit down with you and go over your headshots.  Normally a 20-minute session provides you at least 30 images to choose from.  Gray and white backgrounds, portrait and landscape orientation. 


That’s it, we set up an online gallery for you to download your headshots, usually in about one business day.  You will get both high-resolution and web-sized versions of each headshot

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