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Two Shows and Two Awards

It has certainly been a busy few weeks for Gobi Photography. We had a great 4 day show at Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain GA, we met a lot of great folks and had a good time. I was very eager to see Jamie Grace perform on Sunday afternoon, but a sudden flash flood/lightning storm put an end to that. Otherwise it was a lot of fun. We were also at the Shakerag festival in Peachtree City, this one is close to home, so we caught up with a lot of friends and familiar faces.

In between these shows, we found time to participate in a photo shoot out with North Georgia Camera Club Council. It was the first time either my wife or I ever participated in any kind of shootout. It was certainly different than when we usually go out to shoot. We were given a theme and a short time frame to go out anywhere within the county, find subjects, shoot them and then prepare the images for submission. Being that this was our first time and had no idea what to expect, my wife and I were pleased to each have a photo place in the final selection. So we got to do some photographing, enjoy great barbeque, win two cash awards (actually gift cards to Showcase Photo and Video in Atlanta), and got to meet some other great photographers. This leaf on a barrel is one of the award winning photos Gobi submitted.

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