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Headshots for Business Professionals

There is a significant difference between a portrait and headshot for business professionals. Portraits convey a candid sense of your subject, who they are when no one is watching. Portraits often use props, such as a chair, hat or something personal to help the viewer get a sense of the person. The lighting is often moody or dramatic. Professional headshots on the other hand, portray your subject as they wish to be seen. In a professional headshot, the subject generally wishes portray professional, honest, and confident image. As photographers, we use everything in our arsenal to accomplish this. Even slight variations of head-tilt, nose position and lighting can create very different results. In our studio we coax each of our clients to produce an image that compliments them, and projects an image that fits their chosen career. We will provide a prosecutor an different headshot than we would a real estate agent or therapist.

The goal with a professional business headshot is project competence and confidence within your field. We accomplish that by making sure our clients feel relaxed and confident .We do this quickly and efficiently. We also keep in mind how the client will use their images, for example if they plan to use them for ads or billboards, we will make sure they have room for text. We understand a headshot is a marketing tool, as such it needs to convey a message for the client.

Professional business headshot or portrait, we love doing both. In the end, our is to make you look good!

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