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Headshots for Actors | Atlanta

Your Headshot Goal

The ultimate goal here is to show casting directors what you look like in the best light so that you get the call. Many times directors are not as interested in your ability, as much as you fit a certain look. For example, if they are looking for an Asian woman about 18, and you are a 30-year-old Hispanic woman you are not getting a call regardless how great your headshot is. As an actor you will want a full-body and 3/4 length photos as well as a traditional close-up headshot, so you should plan on having at least 4-5 photos in you headshot portfolio.

Style and clothing

Typically a corporate headshot shows only one or two aspects of the client's personality.

The client in business attire, and maybe one in business casual. Depending on the industry (construction, law, real estate) the clothing may vary. As an actor, you will have several headshots in different outfits, showing several different looks. Depending on your age and other factors these looks will vary. One important thing to keep in mind...this is not a glamour shot, that is for models. You should look like your headshot. If you show up and do not look like your headshot it will work against you, and you are not likely to get a callback.


Normally our corporate headshots are done in-studio.

We have a style and look that works great for almost any industry. This is what we show on our site, and

Actor headshot
Headshots for Actors and Models

that's what our corporate customers like and expect. Our acting clients will want at least one in this style, they will also want one outdoors photo in addition to their studio shots. A good outdoor photo that will shine and show that you are a professional is actually harder to achieve than a studio image. We know how to get a great image indoors or outdoors

Lighting and backdrops

Here we can have a lot more fun and variety than we can with a corporate headshot. The key thing we focus on

Actor Headshot
Headshots for Actors and Models

here is making sure the background is not distracting, and does not distract from YOU. Lighting can be more dramatic or softer than we use for our corporate headshot work. Variety and quality are key. Avoid black and white, they might seem more serious or artsy, but remember casting directors are also looking at eye color, hair color, complexion etc.

Our studio is located in the South Metro Atlanta area in Peachtree City, about 20 minutes south of the Airport. We offer headshots for business, actors and models by appointment only. Book your actor headshot online quickly and easily.

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