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Do not underestimate the value of a headshot or what it says about you.  Even two well-done professional headshots can say two very different things. Do you look soft and glamorous, or stern and serious?  Those are two very different styles of headshots, and both are great depending on what you do for a living and what you want to convey.  We certainly have a style and look that we incorporate into most of our work.  Clean, modern, and classic.  We also understand that each person has a unique personality and message they need to tell.  This is why we send every client a questionnaire prior to their session so that we can set things up in a way to give them the best headshot possible based on their needs.  We are constantly striving to provide the best headshots in Atlanta.  This means knowing the difference between creating a headshot for a fitness professional, versus a trial judge.  When it comes to professional business headshots, we want to be your headshot photographer.  You get to see and choose your headshots during your session, this is how we ensure that you are completely happy before you leave (that's how we keep our 5-star rating on Google Reviews).

Headshots for Models and Actors require a different approach, if this is what you need check our Headshots for models & Headshots for actors page.

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