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Unlock New Audiences: Livestream Your Next Atlanta Event

Are you planning an event in Atlanta and looking to broaden your audience reach? 

Whether you're organizing a workshop, a corporate event, or a personal celebration,

livestreaming is an innovative solution that connects your event with viewers, wherever they are. Our livestreaming services are designed to fit every need and budget right here in Atlanta.

Why Livestream?

In today’s digital age, not everyone can attend in person due to time constraints, travel costs, or simply because of the fast-paced nature of our lives. As a result, you might worry that your event’s impact will be limited to just those who can physically attend.

What We Bring to the Table:

Our livestreaming services ensure that anyone interested can "attend" your event, expanding your reach and increasing engagement. With our streamlined technology and expert support, your event can achieve a broader impact without the hassle of complex setups.

What We Deliver:

We offer two main packages to suit a variety of needs:

Basic Livestreaming Package: Priced at $300 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, this package includes:

  • One Camera Angle: Perfect for more intimate or focused events where one viewpoint is sufficient to capture the essence of your occasion.

  • Wireless Microphones: Ensure that every word is heard clearly, enhancing the viewing experience for your online audience.

Multi-Camera Package: Starting at $500 per hour with a two-hour minimum, and $400 for each additional hour, this package is ideal for more dynamic or larger-scale events, featuring:

  • 2-3 Camera Angles: Capture different perspectives and keep your online audience engaged.

  • Professional Audio Integration: Every sound is crisp and clear.

  • Graphic Overlays: Add a professional touch with overlays that can include your logo, speaker names, or key messages.

By choosing our livestreaming services, you ensure that your event in Atlanta isn't just

another gathering. It becomes a shared experience, accessible to a wider audience, potentially turning every viewer into a participant. Our clients appreciate how our flexible solutions help them connect and communicate more effectively without the stress of technical difficulties.

Ready to make your Atlanta event a success beyond the confines of the venue? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you livestream your event seamlessly. Let’s make sure everyone, everywhere, can be part of your special day. Just imagine the possibilities!

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