Gobi Photography | Photo Editing in Lightroom | Peachtree City Photography School | Tyrone GA

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February 23, (2pm-4pm) Thu

Photo Editing Using Adobe Lightroom

Capturing great images is only the first hurdle in making great digital pictures.  Post processing and management of those images is an essential part of digital photography.  Learn to use Lightroom Import, Library, Develop, and Print Modules.  If you have Lightroom as your workflow management tool this is the workshop for you. 

Photo editing using LightroomPhoto editing using LightroomPhoto editing using Lightroom

Photographers learn how to develop a well-organized image management workflow using Lightroom as a foundation. This is a hands-on workshop.  This workshop on Lightroom can provide you with the essential skills to optimize your images and make them look their best. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to get your images into Lightroom (where they ought to be)
  • Organizing your photos
  • Customizing Lightroom
  • Editing Essentials
    • ​Setting white balance
    • Shooting tethered
    • Set overall exposure
    • Adding pizaazz to your images
    • Adding vignettes
    • Getting those trendy looks
  • Local adjustments
  • Fixing Common Problems
  • How to get your images out of Lightroom
  • Creating your own photobook
  • How to get the best prints
  • Going to Photoshop...to be continued