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High School Senior Photography

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We have packages starting at $199. If you live in the Atlanta area (or even if you live outside the Atlanta area) give us a call, we'd love to tell you what we can offer.

SeniorsSeniors Graduating High School is such a major milestone in life.  Kids are either off to find a career or heading to college, oftentimes out of state.  That's right they are all grown up now, but they will always be your little boy or girl.  Senior photos are so

Our goal is to provide photos that reflect your Senior's personality...and make it fun!

important to both the senior and their parents.  For the senior, they are probably the first real "cool" pictures of them, without Mom, Dad and the rest of the family.  This is "their" day, when they can be a rock star!  We shoot our seniors either on location or in the studio. 

For parents, these photo sessions are important too.  Their child may be leaving home, either for work or college.  There is a big hole in a parent's heart when that happens.  These are the photographs you can print out and display in your home, so you can see them everyday, even if they are not home.

Whether your senior wants something cool for their yearbook, perhaps to share with friends, or if you want a treasured memory, we would love to document the moment and provide you with a precious memory of this moment in time.