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Elopements | A New Wedding Trend

August 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

South Atlanta wedding photographer, now offering elopement wedding packagesElopement WeddingSouth Atlanta wedding photographer, now offering elopement wedding packages Lately a new trend in weddings has begun emerge.  Many couples are foregoing large expensive affairs, for smaller more intimate and less expensive weddings.  Elopements are becoming more and more popular.  Some of these weddings are not technically elopements in the traditional sense, they are weddings with between 2-25 guests, and only take an hour or two.  These elopements are step up from a courthouse weddings, there are several beautiful venues in the South Atlanta area.  Most of the planning and decorating details are taken care of for them - eliminating the need to negotiate with a small army of vendors.

As a wedding photographer, of course we enjoy large, grand, and elegant weddings.  They are beautiful to photograph, and pay well.  Elopements are quite different.  These couples are looking to save money for their honeymoon, first home etc.  I understand completely, in fact I applaud the fiscal responsibility that elopements offer.  Even though they are small events, they are still very significant to bride and groom.  It is still their wedding day, and a memory they will want to share and cherish.  We have created special wedding packages for elopements.  These are simple, basic photography packages that record these small expressions of love and commitment.  Our elopement packages start at $399 and are perfect for elopement couples.

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