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Bridal Show Winner - Free Engagement Shoot | Peachtree City Photographer

April 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The 2017 Bridal season has begun, we kicked it off with three bridal shows earlier this year, in Columbus, Peachtree City and Douglasville.  We normally giveaway either a DVD slideshow or engagement session at each show.  The winner of our Flat Creek Bridal show was Christina Bauer, and her fiancee Nicholas Rodgers.  Our engagement session is valued at $250, and she was very excited to be chosen.  Our prize winners get the exact same experience as any full price customer.  Our first step is to send out an initial questionnaire to find out a little more about our couples, so we can make it fun, shoot that shows them off as the unique and wonderful couple they are.  In the questionnaire, they told us they would like to shoot at a barn. 

Christina and Nicholas Engagement ShootChristina and Nicholas Engagement Shoot 1Newnan Georgia, Venue at Murphy Lane We recently did a photobooth a barn in Newnan.  Although they have not opened yet as a venue, it was not only an amazing barn, it was a beautiful venue several great locations for our shoot.  I immediately reached out the the owner, Kara and she was pleased to let us use her location.  **Note to any brides looking for a venue this fall or later lookup "The Venue at Murphy Lane".

So during the shoot, while I was taking some photos of the bride-to-be, I caught the groom-to-be taking some photos too...of his car.  It was a beautiful car, a Nissan 300zx and he obviously was very proud of it, so I promised to hook him up with a special shot, just for him.

It was mid-afternoon on very sunny day, a beautiful day, but it was not good for the what I had in mind.  I had packed a flash unit with 360 watt-seconds of power.  Time to put that puppy to the test!  I was able to underexpose the sky and use the flash to make the couple and the car really pop.  The result straight out of camera was exactly what I envisioned.  

Nicholas proposed to his beautiful fiancee in front of their church, the same church where they plan to have the wedding later this year.  Normally our engagement sessions are 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and we had finished up at Murphy Lane, but since their church was on our way home and not too far from our shoot location, we asked if they wouldn't mind taking some photos there too.  They loved the idea and were up for it.

By this time the sun was setting and putting out a beautiful golden light over everything.  I positioned myself between the couple and the setting sun.  I intentionally wanted to get a little lens flare in the photo.   Christina and Nicholas-95Christina and Nicholas- Engagement Shoot 95Wedding, Engagement Photo


2017 is shaping to be a great year for our engagement and wedding photography.  To inquire about our services or book us, call 678.667.4624 and let us show you how we can deliver some amazing photos and tell your true love story.


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