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5 Reasons You Should Learn Macro Photography | Photographer in Peachtree City

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5 reasons to learn Macro Photography

macro6macro6 So what is Macro Photography exactly?  Macro photography has to do with the size that your subject is projected onto your camera’s sensor. If you have a one-inch subject, its projection at “life-size” would be one inch on the camera’s sensor. An object which fills one inch of the sensor will fill most of the resulting photo, since the sensors in typical DSLRs are no more than 1.5 inches long.

This allows us photographers to get close, and record a huge amount of detail of smaller subjects.


It’s not that expensive.

macro7macro7 When talking photography, expensive is relative.  But macro photography requires less equipment that most other types of photography.  Macro photography is an amazing specialty.  You capture images that we don’t or can’t ordinarily see.  If you already have a DSLR, you can begin taking Macro photos with just a set of extension tubes (under $40 on Amazon).  To get the best images though, you will want a macro lens.  I high quality macro lens starts at about $500, not cheap, but definitely not an expensive lens.  On the bright side, you will only need one macro lens.


Unique photos every time!

Sure, you can photography Oxbow Bend, or the Grand Canyon, but you will not get a truly original photo.  Chances are that as you get ready to set down macro4macro4 your tripod, you will see tripod marks from hundreds of photographers before.  The miniature world is constantly changing, providing you an endless supply of subjects and tiny landscapes...all completely original and never to be repeated.

Save on travel costs

Amazing macro subjects are literally everywhere! Bugs, flowers, plants, buttons, gears, almost anything.  Master macro photography, and you will never need to far to create amazing and interesting photo.

Lots to experiment with.

Using a macro lens, you can create all types of original looking photos using water, oil, bubbles dust and many other things.  Your imagination is the only limit.

macro3macro3 Forget about the golden hour.

No need to worry about waiting for the perfect light.  Working with these tiny subjects you can easily provide open shade with something as small as a sheet of paper, or simply find your subject in a tiny patch of shade.


Explore this amazing area of photography, enroll in a Macro Photography workshop and you will open up a whole new world of subject matter and photography!


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