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It's the Digital Age, So Why Wedding Albums?

January 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Peachtree City Wedding PhotographBonnie and Clyde WeddingI'm sure Bonnie and Clyde's descendants would have enjoyed a wedding album I adamantly believe every bride should have a wedding album.  I guess its a by-product of social media and the digital age, but I always hear "I just want digitals".  I totally understand why a bride would want digital photos.  When my daughter gets married, of course I'd recommend she get digitals.  So why do I still feel so strongly that a wedding album is so important?  Digital images by their nature are vapor...a bunch of ones and zeroes.  

I have several photo albums, some are over 20 years old and are simply 4x6 prints stuck on album pages, others are professionally printed.  I can sit here now and tell you exactly where they are.  Do you know where all your digital files are?  How long would it take you to find photos of your family vacation from 3 years ago?  

Imagine when your children of grand-children are getting married, and imagine walking over to your bookcase and pulling your album off the shelf, placing it on the kitchen table and sharing it with your loved ones.  How many computers and cell phones will you replace in 20 years.  Will Instagram or Facebook even exist...who knows how we or our kids will store and retrieve photos then.

An album is, and will always be a elegant, social and tactile way of sharing and reliving one of the most special days of your life.  Ask for your digital photographs from your wedding, but make sure you get a quality album, it will be one of your first family heirlooms and you will cherish it for years.


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