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Why I Love Wedding Photography | Tyrone | Peachtee City Wedding Photographer

December 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My December Musing on Wedding Photography Pt.1

I love wedding photography!  The exact reasons why, I'll get to later.  Lately I have heard several fellow Military weddingValenzuela-Larson WeddingI love military weddings! photographers tell me that that they love this or that type of photography, but hate shooting weddings, they do it because it pays.  Now here are some wonderfull, talented people that got into photography because they love taking photos.  They became photographer to do what they love for a living, instead they find themselves doing something they don't like just for the money.  How sad is that?!

I love photographing weddings, otherwise I would do something else.  I have heard the stories of difficult brides too, but have enjoyed working with each and every bride I've photographed.  I think the key to keeping our brides happy is simple.  We listen, and we communicate often.

Why are weddings fun? They are a big celebration, family members that haven't seen each other sharing a milestone with the bride.  The hugs, kisses, Wedding DanceAustin and Lia WeddingGroom and Mother tears, and outpouring of love and emotion.  I know I'm getting all mushy here, but I honestly do love being a part of big family weddings.  Let's not even get started on the reception.

I am a storyteller, sure I am covering all the must have shots, but I'm already putting together the wedding album in my head. I'm creating the unique story I find at each wedding.  We want to catch all the special moments, the bride and groom usually don't even know about them until they come back for the viewing.  Capturing the story is so important to us that we use at least two photographers for all but the smallest weddings.  Years from now when the couple pulls out their wedding album to share with their kids and/or grandkids, I want them to feel like they were there, and the couple to re-live that special day again.  Every one of our packages include a photobook or album.

Bonnie and Clyde Themed WeddingBonnie and Clyde WeddingBonnie and Clyde Themed Wedding The challenge.  Weddings are challenging. In a single day I am taking fashion photos, family portraits, landscapes, architectural photography, pets, product photography and you never what else!  I am using specialty lenses, video lights, flash, strobes, gels...seriously I got enough equipment to fill up a truck.  All of this in a single day!

All this being said, you can probably tell I am looking forward to 2017 and being a part of several new chapters and beginnings

Gobi Photography Studio is located in Tyrone GA, just one stop light away from Peachtree City in Fayette County (South Atlanta Area).  

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