Gobi Photography | Mastering / Advanced Digital Photography | Peachtree City Photography School | Tyrone GA

2017 Workshop Dates

Mar 14 - Apr 11 (6pm-7:30pm) Tue Sep 2 (9am-2pm) Sat

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Mastering /Advanced Digital Photography

Finally, you are shooting off automatic and your creative side is blossoming.  

Who is this class for?

Photographers who have taken our Basic Digital Photography course, or are comfortable with all their camera settings, and are looking to improve their images.  Here is what this course will cover

Advanced photo taking techniques

​Improve your composition

  • ​Rule of thirds
  • Symmetry
  • Rule of space
  • Focal points
  • Lines / Pattern / Frames and dutch angles
  • Vantage points
  • Framing
  • Cropping
  • Story-telling

Let's talk about flash baby

  • Understanding good vs. bad light
  • $800 for a flash!! that's more than my camera...
  • Front lighting, front lighting, side lighting and back lighting
  • Reflectors and modifiers

Advanced photography techniques

  • How to get perfect white balance every time 
  • Portraits and posing
  • Night photography
  • Focus stacking

What should you bring?

A DSLR, or Mirrorless with manual controls

What do you get?

Our workbook

4 hours of instructions